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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions and the Agreement

  • The Calderdale Music Trust guarantees 30 visits per academic year. No refunds can be given for pupil absences or school cancellations. Invoices can only be adjusted where the Trust has failed to make a tutor available for at least 30 visits during the academic year or exceptional circumstances are agreed by the Trust Manager.
  • A group can only be set up in a school where there are a viable number of enrolments on any particular instrument. You will be informed when your child has a place. Group sizes/length of lessons will be dependent upon enrolments within a school and determined by the instrumental tutor.
  • It is not the responsibility of Trust instrumental tutors to ensure pupils attend lessons. However every effort will be made to encourage good attendance. Refunds cannot be given for non-attendance of pupils.
  • Details for the direct debit will be sent to you, with your invoice, in advance from the Trust.
  • If a pupil withdraws from lessons during the term the full term must be paid for. No refunds will be given.
  • I understand I will receive an invoice, in advance, which I agree to pay upon receipt by monthly direct debit, by BACS or by cheque. I understand that non-payment will be deemed to be a repudiatory breach of contract, whereupon the Trust may treat the contract as having been summarily terminated, or alternatively the Trust may suspend lessons until payment for the year is received in full. Furthermore I understand that termination by the Trust pursuant of this clause will not affect their right to recover any sums outstanding and due to the Trust).
  • I understand this agreement is binding and will continue until it is cancelled, in writing, at least 2 weeks before the end of the school term.
  • I understand the Trust will inform me of any changes in fees, terms and conditions, or any other relevant alterations to Trust delivery. If I accept these changes, I need do nothing and my child’s lessons will continue. If I do not accept these changes, I will write to the Trust to cancel the lessons, giving at least two weeks’ notice prior to a new school year. NOTE: changes to day and time of lessons or tutor, may be effected at any time and are NOT considered as changes to terms and conditions and are not relevant alterations to Trust delivery. Lessons may take place at any time during the school day.

Please remember

Enrolment will be termly. You must inform the Trust in writing at least two weeks before the start of a new school term if:

  • you wish to cancel the lessons;
  • you wish to change the type of lesson your child is having;
  • any other circumstances change (home address, school, etc).

Some changes, other than those shown above, may take place during the school year for reasons beyond the control of the Trust. Such changes may take place without you being given written notice. Your child’s lessons will continue and you will be charged appropriately. Examples of such changes are:

  • change to the time/day of lessons (for example, due to changes in school requirements or pupil enrolments);
  • change of instrumental tutor (owing to long-term absence, resignation of teacher or unavoidable timetable adjustments).

Filling in an enrolment form does not guarantee lessons, especially for new beginners. Existing pupils will be given priority; new pupils will be fitted into timetables where time is available. Timetables are determined by demand across Calderdale (not necessarily in each individual school). Many factors, sometimes unforeseen, determine how much time is available: the popularity of a particular instrument; changes in tutor availability; movement of pupils between schools; policy changes