Transforming And Enriching Lives Through Music

Available Lessons In School

We offer lessons in school and at our Halifax Music Centre.

Please see the below a list of available lessons in different schools in Calderdale. Other lesson types and times are available - please contact our Admin Officer to see if there are any lessons available in your chosen school or if there is anyone on our waiting list to share a lesson with. Lessons marked as "individual only" mean that there is currently no one on the waiting list to share with, but this may change.

School                                                                 Lesson

Bolton Brow Academy                                           Piano/Guitar (individual only)

Brighouse High School                                           Paired electric guitar

Calder Primary School                                           Group Guitar lessons

Carr Green                                                           Piano (paired or individual), Trumpet (group)

Castle Hill Primary School                                     Violin (group), Guitar (group)

CC Christ Church, Sowerby                                    Keyboard/Guitar (paired or individual)

Colden J & I School                                               Piano/Violin/Guitar (Individual Only)

Cornolme J, I & N School                                       Group Guitar Lessons

Greetland Academy                                               Group Guitar Lessons

Hebden Royd CE Primary School                             Piano/Violin (individual or paired)

Heptonstall J, I & N School                                     Piano/Violin/Guitar (Individual or paired)

Holy Trinity Primary School                                    Piano/Violin

Holywell Green Primary School                               Guitar (individual only)

Lightcliffe Academy                                               Piano/Violin/Drums (Individual only)

Lightcliffe Primary School                                       Violin (Group) Guitar (Pair, Group, Individual) Drums/Piano (Ind)

Luddendenfoot Academy                                         Violin/Piano (Individual only)

Midgley School                                                        Group Guitar, Violin (Individual only)

Northowram Primary School                                     Flute/Clarinet/Saxophone/Recorder (individual), paired Guitar

Old Town Primary School                                          Piano/Violin/Guitar/Cello/Ukulele (Individual only)

Ripponden J&I School                                               Group Guitar, Piano/Cello/Violin/Ukulele (Individual Only)

Riverside Junior School                                             Trumpet/Cornet/Baritone/Trombone (Individual only), group Violin

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary                                  Paired Violin

Savile Park at Heath                                                Group Violin, Paired Piano

Savile Park Primary School                                       Keyboard (Individual only)

Scout Road Academy                                                Guitar (individual only), group Violin

Shade Primary School                                               Group guitar

Sowerby Village Primary School                                 Trumpet (individual only)

St Andrew's Junior School                                          Group guitar, Keyboard (individual only)

St John's Primary Academy (Clifton)                           Violin/Flute/Clarinet/Saxophone/Piano/Guitar (Individual only)

St John's Primary School (Rishworth)                          Guitar/Piano/Cello/Ukulele (Individual only)

St Joseph's Catholic Primary (Brighouse)                     Group guitar

St Joseph's RD Primary (Todmorden)                            Violin/Piano (individual only)

St Michael and All Angels CE Primary                          Flute/Piano/Guitar (Individual Only)                      

Stubbings Infant School                                              Group Violin, Individual Piano

Todmorden High School                                              Piano/Violin (individual only), Paired Drums, Group Guitar

Walsden St Peter's CE Primary                                     Group Guitar, paired Violin

Warley Town School                                                    Group Guitar

Woodhouse Primary School                                          Violin/Flute/Drums/Piano (individual only)