Transforming And Enriching Lives Through Music

Lessons at Halifax Music Centre


If you are an adult wanting to learn a musical instrument, or if you have a child who would like lessons after school or on Saturdays at Heath Campus, Halifax you can sign up here.


Our Music Leaders can offer lessons in the following instruments:

Guitar (Acoustic, Electric and Bass)

Strings (Violin and Cello)


Woodwind (Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone)






Taking Part In Lessons

Lessons take place once a week during term time. Your lesson will be on the same day and at the same time every week.

You'll need to bring an instrument with you for the lesson. We have a piano in every teaching room, so you don't need to bring a keyboard. Drum kits are provided too. We also have our own amps that have been PAT tested.

Lessons will take place every week until you inform us otherwise.


The cost of your lesson depends on the type of lesson you have.

20 Minute Paired - £7 per lesson
30 Minute Paired - £10.50 per lesson
20 Minute Individual - £14 per lesson
30 Minute Individual - £19.50 per lesson

The cost for children and adults is the same.

Please note that the cost for paired lessons is per child. Group lessons are not available at the Halifax Music Centre.

Currently we do not have a remissions policy or sibling discount.

Children Looked After can access music lessons at no cost by referral through the Virtual Schools.

How To Apply

If you would like to have lessons at the Halifax Music Centre you can sign up here.. Select your school and the instrument you'd like to learn.

You can add an instrument hire application too.

We'll need some details about the pupil and the payer so that we can offer you lessons. You will need to provide us with an email address that you check regularly.

Once you've applied you'll be sent your log in details for a website called Speed Admin. This shows you your bookings, pupil attendance, messages from/to your teachers and also gives you access to study materials that will be used to support your lessons.

You'll be added to our waiting list and a member of our admin team will be in touch to arrange your lessons.

You'll receive a confirmation email with an invoice for lessons until the end of that term.

Payment Methods

You can make payment by card, bank transfer or by direct debit. Please note that a charge of 2.5% will be made to all payments made by direct debit.

If payment isn't made for lessons by the invoice due date then lessons will be postponed until payment is made in full. In some circumstances we may allow lessons to continue subject to an agreed payment plan.


You will be invoiced for lessons from your start date until the end of the term. No refunds will be given for pupils absences.

We make every effort to encourage good attendance. If a pupil is absent for a session this will be noted on our system and you will receive an email notification.

If your Music Leader is absent for any reason the lesson a credit will be raised accordingly.