Transforming And Enriching Lives Through Music

Saxophone Lessons

Why play a saxophone you say? 

There are hundreds of reasons why learning an instrument is a great thing to do, but did you know that it can help improve your academic abilities in areas including literacy and maths? Playing an instrument improves aural skills and the ability to distinguish different sounds, which aids in the development of language. It also improves a person’s abstract reasoning skills (the ability to identify logical patterns), which is an essential skill for maths and science. So pick that saxophone up and get playing!

What we offer

The string department currently offers tuition in whole class (first access), small group and individual settings. We work in the majority of schools in Calderdale and are also able to accommodate pupils from outside the area at Heath Campus in the evenings. We also cater for adult tuition in individual or group lessons.

What are the costs? 

Every school in Calderdale has enrolment forms containing pricing information as well as contact details for the Music Trust. These forms can also be picked up from Heath Campus, Free School Lane, Halifax. Depending on your requirements, lessons normally run for a full term before any adjustments can be made due to invoicing and timetabling requirements. Lessons are available either at school or at Heath during evenings.

Want to find out more? 

Information or advice can  be obtained by ringing the Music Trust at Heath Campus on 01422 303060 or [email protected].