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Flute Lessons

Why play the flute you say?

The flute is an instrument that can be mastered, and used as a stepping stone for other instruments. The flute is simple in the fact that only one note can be played at a time. This allows beginners to play great sounding songs, in a short amount of time. Compared to the piano, or guitar (which play multiple notes simultaneously) the flute is a melody instrument. Whether you currently play another instrument or not, Mastering the flute means you will have an increased ability to focus on tone (note clarity and sound quality), beat and rhythm, and music theory (learning to read music).

The aims of the woodwind department of the Music Trust are to develop good quality woodwind players, and to encourage all woodwind players whatever their standard to come and play in our ensembles. We are developing many exciting new ventures and projects. Our ethos is one of fun, but with clearly defined and structured routes to enable pupils to progress at an appropriate pace whilst giving opportunities to extend their musical knowledge and performance skills. 

What are the costs? 

Every school in Calderdale has enrolment forms containing pricing information as well as contact details for the Music Trust. These forms can also be picked up from Heath Campus, Free School Lane, Halifax. Depending on your requirements, lessons normally run for a full term before any adjustments can be made due to invoicing and timetabling requirements. Lessons are available either at school or at Heath during evenings.

Want to find out more? 

Information or advice can  be obtained by ringing the Music Trust at Heath Training & Development Centre on 01422 303060 or  [email protected]