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Instrument Hire

Borrowing An Instrument

We understand that some people may not want to purchase an instrument until they are certain that it is the right instrument for them.

We have a range of instruments that you can hire which will allow you to take part in music lessons.

Violins and guitars are available in different sizes depending on the height of the pupil. As your child grows we can swap their instrument for a larger size.

Your instrument hire fee will cover the cost of minor repairs caused by wear and tear.

For some instruments you will need to purchase additional accessories e.g. reeds for woodwind instruments, valve oil for brass. Your music teacher can advise you about this.

Please make sure you read through our instrument hire terms carefully.

When lessons stop the instrument will be returned to the Calderdale Music Trust.


The cost of your instrument hire depends on the instrument you are borrowing from us.

Cello - £25 per term

Clarinet - £20 per term

Cornet - £20 per term

Flute - £20 per term

Guitar - £14 per term

Keyboard - £20 per term

Oboe - £30 per term

Saxophone - £30 per term

Trumpet - £20 per term

Violin - £14 per term

Calderdale Music Trust has a large stock of instruments and is pleased to make these available to students to assist with their musical studies.

Terms and conditions:

  • It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to collect the instrument from the Trust office and sign the agreement before the instrument is allocated.
  • If an instrument is loaned from Trust stock, the parent/carer must accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by accident, theft, attempted theft, maltreatment or otherwise.
  • The parent/carer will be charged for a comparable replacement if the instrument is lost or irreparably damaged. The full costs of any damage (other than from regular use) will also be charged to the parent/carer. Any damage must be reported to the Trust and will be carried out by the Trust’s specialist instrument technician.
  • The instrument provided will be in good condition.
  • Minor damage incurred through regular use will be repaired by the Trust’s specialist instrument technician and will not be charged for. Parent/carers must not attempt to repair the instrument.
  • Parent/carers are advised to arrange adequate insurance for instruments on loan. This may already be covered by household contents insurance but the position regarding this should be clarified with your insurer.
  • The instrument must not be used by any person other than the student to whom it is loaned.
  • If a student stops lessons or leaves full time education, the instrument must be returned to the Trust office at the end of the final term. This is the responsibility of the parent. If the instrument is not returned, you will be charged for the full cost of a replacement.
  • The instrument (including mouthpiece or bow where applicable) remain the property of the Calderdale Music Trust and may be recalled for inspection at any time.
  • If the instrument requires repairing or your child requires a larger instrument (string instruments) it is the responsibility of the parent/carer to return the instrument to the Trust office and collect it when it is ready.
  • Some instruments require accessories (rosin for string instrument bows, reeds for wind instruments, valve oil etc.). Instruments will not normally come with a supply of such accessories – please consult with your son/daughters’ instrumental tutor for details of what may be needed (we warn that valve oil can be hazardous if ingested). Woodwind instruments requiring reeds will be provided with a reed but replacement reeds are the responsibility of the parent/carer.
  • Instruments can only be hired by students having lessons with Calderdale Music Trust or attending one of our ensembles.