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Fees for 2017-18

We guarantee ten lessons per term but quite often pupils receive more than this, as our teachers will teach every week of term if possible. If the Music Trust fails to provide a tutor for ten sessions per term you will be entitled to a refund.

Ensemble membership is included in our tuition fees. Please contact the office on 01422 303060 or [email protected].uk if you would like to join any of our ensembles.

*Group lesson (not available for piano or drums)       
£ 68 per term
20 minute individual lesson£ 152.50 per term
30 minute individual lesson£ 230 per term    
**20 minute paired lesson£ 78 per term   
**30 minute paired lesson£ 115 per term

*Group lessons are subject to availability.

 **Please indicate on your enrolment form another student who you would like to have paired lessons with. This student also needs to fill out an enrolment form.

Instrument Hire

Group A
£14 per term           
Group B
£17 per term          
Group C
£20.50 per term         
ViolinCelloDouble Bass
Keyboard              Cornet/Trumpet    Saxophone            
 French HornTuba
 Tenor Horn 


Piano Man

Arts Council

Arts Council

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