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Youth Choir (6-11) - Little & Loud

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What is Little & Loud?

‘Little & Loud’ is an exciting new Youth Choir for young people aged 6-11 within Calderdale. Little & Loud will provide young adults the opportunity to explore, share and appreciate their talent for singing creating a ‘musical family’ that will be encouraged to support each other along their musical journey.

Little & Loud also provides the opportunity for members to progress to our older vocal group 'Unity'. All songs are carefully selected to provide a message to both the members and the audience so that the choir can portray positivity and meaning in everything that is performed. There is no specific style of music that the choir performs and all songs are crafted to suit the choir. Performances will be arranged throughout the year to showcase the talent and passion of the Little & Loud members.

When do rehearsals take place?

Rehearsals are every Thursday 5-6pm at Calderdale Music Trust, Heath Campus, Halifax.

Can anyone join Little & Loud?

Unfortunately, not anyone can join Little & Loud. There is an audition process that each member has to undertake before they are allowed to join. The audition is to evaluate the young person’s ability with tuning and diction as well as a short recall assessment.

Is there a commitment to the choir?

Little & Loud takes part in national events, competitions, and high-quality performances. Due to this, we will be asking for a weekly commitment. If rehearsals are unattended for reasons other than illness/ emergency situations then the member may be asked to give up their place within Little & Loud.

How much does it cost?

The cost is £20 per term. This is to cover the costs of rehearsal t-shirts, transportation to selected events and accompanying musicians for Little & Loud.

Please contact [email protected] for an application pack.