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Youth Choir (11-17) - Unity

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Unity Youth Choir – Age 11-17

Name: Unity

Audition: Yes

Rehearsal Length: 1 hour

Location: Calderdale Music Trust, Heath Campus

Age: 11-17

Style: Contemporary – not style specific.

Start Date: 10th January 2019, 6-7pm (and then continuously each Thursday)

Term time only – extra rehearsals may be arranged nearer events.

Unity Overview:

  • The Unity Youth Choir is a vocal group that provides young people the opportunity to explore, share and appreciate their talent for singing.
  • Unity will create one big ‘musical family’ that will be encouraged to support each other along their musical journey.
  • Unity also works as a progression for our younger youth choir Little & Loud with Unity members acting as inspiration for the younger vocal group.
  • The Unity upper-voice choir of boys and girls will perform to an extremely high standard and draws members from across Calderdale.
  • Singers will enjoy a broad repertoire of contemporary music and perform regularly both in concert and competition, locally and nationally.
  • An array of performances will be arranged throughout the year to showcase the talent of the Unity members. One of these includes entry into the Music for Youth competition.


How do you apply for an audition?

Please fill in the whole contact form to book an audition. From here Unity will arrange a time on a Thursday for the audition to take place.

What will be required at the audition?

  • A performance of a song that the young person enjoys singing. The performance should last no more than 4 minutes and should showcase the best of the voice, tuning and clear diction.
  • The song can be with a backing track (with no guide vocals) or A Capella (no instrumentation).
  • The young person will also be given a listening assessment where they will listen and sing back a short musical phrase.

What happens after the audition?

After the audition, the Unity Leader will contact applicants to inform them of whether they have been successful or not. The successful applicants will be invited to attend a 1 day workshop during the holidays to sing and meet the rest of Unity. Rehearsals will start on the 10th January 2019 and will run continuously each Thursday during the school term.

How much does it cost?

The cost is £20 per term. This is to cover the costs of rehearsal t-shirts, transportation to selected events and accompanying musicians for Unity.

However, we do not want this to prohibit involvement, so we would welcome parents or carers who have any issue with this payment to please speak to our admin team and we will discuss a way of making it possible for your young person to be involved.

Is there a commitment to the choir?

Unity is hoping to be taking part in national events, competitions and high quality performances. Due to this we will be asking for a weekly commitment. If rehearsals are unattended for reasons other than illness/ emergency situations then the member may be asked to give up their place within Unity.