Transforming And Enriching Lives Through Music

Why music?

So, why should you learn a musical instrument?

Music is all around us. It's not only an important part of the world in which we live today but also an important part of our wider cultural heritage. It is an exciting, expressive activity that allows you to develop the skills to create performances of great beauty and power. It is a good way to meet new friends through taking part in engaging, fun activities and is a skill that will stay with you throughout your life  . . . 

. . . ever heard anyone say ‘I wish I’d learned to play…’?

So, the best reason to learn to play a musical instrument is because you enjoy music!

In addition, learning a musical instrument develops many skills valued both at school and in the wider world.

Music develops teamwork and self-esteem, an attitude of participation and involvement, self-discipline, communication skills (music has a language all of its own and develops many skills needed when learning another language), independence and self-confidence. Musical training develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills and has been shown to boost literacy, special reasoning, abstract reasoning skills, creativity and general academic attainment.


In addition to developing many more general workplace skills, an interest in music may lead you to work in a music-related area. The music industry is one of the UK’s leading exports contributing £4.1 billion to the UK economy and employing 117,000 people in 2014 (Measuring Music, 2015). It consistently outperforms the UK economy as a whole in terms of annual growth. One in every eight albums sold worldwide is by a UK artist.

Music may lead you down a range of career paths:

  • Performer (jazz, pop, rock, classical, brass band, musical theatre)
  • Music Educator (schools, peripatetic music teacher, workshop facilitator)
  • Music administration (managing orchestras/rock stars etc.)
  • Composer (classical, pop, songwriter, film/TV/video game/advertising)
  • Music software developer
  • Musical instrument engineering (acoustic and electronic)
  • Sound designer
  • Recording Engineering
  • Record Production
  • Retail Music (selling instruments/recorded music/sheet music)
  • Music publishing
  • Media (music journalism/radio and TV/advertising)