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Term times and Music Centre Dates

If you have lessons at the Halifax Music Centre (at Heath) please click here for a list of Music Centre dates.

If you have lessons or attend on ensemble on Saturday morning click here for dates.

To find out when your ensemble Is rehearsing please click here.

TERM DATES 2017/18


    Start Date

       End Date

Autumn 2017

    Monday 4th September

       Friday 27th October

Autumn 2017

    Monday 6th November

       Friday 22nd December

Spring 2018

    Monday 8th January

       Friday 16th February

Spring 2018

    Monday 26th February

       Friday 29th March 

Summer 2018

    Monday 16th April

       Friday 25th May 

Summer 2018

    Monday 4th June

       Tuesday 24th July

Please note we are closed Monday 7th May 2018.