Transforming And Enriching Lives Through Music

William Marshall - Singing Leader

Will started off with music from the age of 5 with keyboard lessons with Yamaha Music School in Derby. During Secondary School he joined the masses and decided that Electric Guitar was more suited to his musical needs and quickly discovered the joys of rock bands. For Will, the guitar wasn’t where it ended. These bands called for a singer which at this school, was hard to find so Will, very secretly booked to have a ‘couple’ of singing lessons to gain confidence and to stop him losing his voice after every rehearsal. These couple of years turned into a passion for singing and vocal study.


Will went on to study Music Technology at college and then onto degree level at the University of Huddersfield in 2008.


Will joined Ricky’s School of Rock (a local Rock School) just before graduating and found a love for teaching singing and performance skills. This inspired him travelled over the UK to meet with ‘celebrity’ vocal coaches to learn the tricks and techniques learnt by established / famous singers all over the world. He also attended lessons via Skype to train with some of the leading teachers.


From here Will joined Musica Kirklees and found another love for classroom tuition and the Music Education System. After a few years and determined to make an impact within local music education, Will moved to Calderdale Music Trust and joined as the Singing Leader.