Transforming And Enriching Lives Through Music

Peter Latham

Peter latham

Peter took a serious interest in music in early 1998, when he was playing keyboards and writing songs with a low key band called The Potion. Soon after this time he took a BTEC ND course in Music Technology, followed by a BA honours degree in Music Practice some years later.

Peter has played as a solo artist and as a folk music group member (Picnic Club) in the past but is currently working as a music leader, tutor and mentor, and occasionally performs music in Hebden Bridge and at small festivals around the country such as Cumbria Playing for Change.

Peter teaches guitar, keyboard and drums. In recent years, he has become a fan of folk music from Britain, mainland Europe and India (especially Northern Indian sitar music) and has worked with people with all sorts of musical backgrounds & tastes: dubstep, house, indie, rock, blues, classical, pop, reggae ... the list continues!